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Update History

04-14-2004Added Bureaucracy Better Beezer form in triplicate. --Josh
03-08-2003Re-scanned infocards for seastalker, added new matchbook scans for witness and new sundial scan for trinity. --Josh
02-09-2003Added site map and memorial scan to Trinity. --Josh
02-05-2003Added Santa Ana Register scans, thanks to Peter Ikin. --Josh
01-25-2003Added "peculiar old dame" scans at 150dpi. 300dpi pngs in archive. --Josh
01-22-2003Added Our Circuits, Ourselves scans from Brian at, made to-do page. --Josh
01-13-2003Fixed links in moonmist, mastertronics. Still missing santa ana register scans from witness. --Josh
01-10-2003Changed the URL to /gallery/ and removed the crosswinds jscript from all html pages. guetech mirror active. --Josh
01-09-2003Assuming that this mirror of the Gallery is now the primary source, I've decided to start working on it myself. If I can find the original authors, I will offer them accounts here so they can maintain it. In the meantime, I've fixed some missing files, with the kind assistance of Connie Tessier. --Josh
06-17-2001Crosswinds FTP access is finally available again, performed some much-delayde updates and fixes: broken Cutthroats pictures fixed, Scimitar log pages 1-6 uploaded
01-01-2001Added donated Witness scans
10-12-2000Improved versions of many Seastalker and Witness scans. Crosswinds still seem to have major problems with their servers; if you get a broken link, please try re-loading the respective file -- the server may then be able to find it.
10-01-2000Most of the broken links fixed.
08-26-2000Zork Zero blueprint is back!
08-13-2000Spellbreaker InvisiClues page now working, added authorization forms to Stationfall page
07-30-2000Improved some of the Wishbringer and Moonmist scans (higher res, removed bleed-through), added donated Enchanter's Guild Pin and missing stellar4-5.jpg to Planetfall section.
07-29-2000Added donated Wishbringer InvisiClues scans.
07-25-2000Added donated Cutthroats scans.
07-23-2000Added Sorcerer InvisiClues Section.
07-22-2000Added Enchanter InvisiClues Section. Completed Suspect InvisiClues. Thanks for the scans!!
06-10-2000Infidel Map now available in the Infidel Greybox section.
05-23-2000Most of the stuff on the German server is working again. Please report any broken links! (Currently, the catalogs and the Deadline Mastertronic are still broken; we'll fix this as soon as possible.)
05-22-2000Since last Sunday (May, 15th), and are having major problems with their servers. The French server seems to be up and running again, the one in Germany, however, is still not functioning properly. Therefore, any part of this site that resides on the German server (everything but the grey boxes page and the main page) is unavailable at the moment.
03-31-2000Moved all Folios, InvisiClues, Mastertronic releases and product catalogs to a new server, because we were running low on free space on our server in France. This may result in broken links; please report any that you find so we can fix them!
03-30-2000Added Zork I folio and InvisiClues.
After much hassle with the HTML source code, the page now should load correctly with Netscape again. Apologies for any inconveniences during the last couple of days.
03-21-2000Added Suspect InvisiClues and some additional Starcross scans. Thanks to Mo again for the donation!
03-17-2000Added Passport to the United Products of Infocom section and scans. Thanks to Frank for the donation!
03-10-2000Added Deadline Folio section. Fixed a few broken links in the Alphabetical List and cleaned up HTML source code.
03-08-2000Added donated Zork II browsie, missing page from Zork I browsie, Journey pouch and crystal, Stationfall stellar patrol patch and Moonmist iron-on logo. A big thank you to Mo for providing these scans!
03-06-2000Added Acrobat Reader (PDF) compatible versions of the Cutthroats manual.
03-03-2000Added Acrobat Reader (PDF) compatible versions of the Starcross and Wishbringer manuals.
02-28-2000Added Infidel folio section and scans.
02-23-2000Added "Schematic of the Underground Complex" to Suspended section. Added Seastalker section and scans.
02-22-2000Added missing feelies to Infidel and Border Zone sections. Added Sorcerer Mastertronic and Wishbringer Mastertronic sections and scans.
02-21-2000Added Witness browsie, Suspended Mask, Deadline grey box and Hitchhiker's Guide grey box. Also added Deadline, Hollywood Hijinx/Bureaucracy and Hitchhiker's Guide InvisiClues.
02-05-2000Added donated Zork II section & scans.
01-31-2000Added donated Arthur, Border Zone, Deadline Mastertronics Release, Sherlock, Shogun, The Witness, Zork III sections & scans.
01-17-2000Added donated Starcross maps.
01-15-2000Added The Incomplete Works of Infocom, Inc.
01-14-2000Added Zork map.
01-13-2000Added Zork I section and some scans.
01-04-2000There is now an AD-FREE mirror site available at
12-20-1999Added Enchanter scroll. Expanded Leather Goddesses section.
12-19-1999Added manual and fifty guinea bill to Plundered Hearts. Also changed the directory structure, so there might be some new broken links.
12-18-1999Added Suspended, The Master Storytellers and Infidel pages. Also added cartoon scans to Nord and Bert and some Wishbringer scans. Thank you to all who have sent me scans.
12-14-1999Finally added Stationfall page.. thanks to Dave for the donation.
11-03-1999To those of you who have sent me scans.. please don't be angry because I haven't added everything yet. I'm busy with school right now, but eventually, there will be another big update. Fixed the filenames of the new AMVF scans.
10-23-1999The new files should now be working. :-) Why can't the stupid fortunecity server accept filenames with spaces? If you find missing files, please send me an e-mail.
10-22-1999Added donated Scans: Lurking Horror Centipede, misc. AMFV & Ballyhoo, Moonmist's visitor's guide to Tresyllian castle.
10-21-1999Finally uploaded missing Zork Zero scans.
09-30-1999Added Zork Zero section and donated scans.
08-20-1999Added more donated scans to Suspect section.
08-19-1999Added Suspect section, donated scans (more to come).
08-18-1999Added "Dakota Online Magazine, April 2031" to AMFV section.
06-17-1999Added Journey.
05-31-1999Added Planetfall ID card, new and improved Hollywood Hijinx scans.
05-17-1999Added Planetfall scans.
04-23-1999Added Nord & Bert, Planetfall and AMFV sections (not much there yet).
04-23-1999Cutthroats "True Tales of Adventure" now complete.
04-22-1999Added Cutthroats section.
03-10-1999Changed some links to point directly to the jpgs, to facilitate dowloading and circumvent the annoying ads.
02-25-1999PGP key now available for secure communication.
02-23-1999Added donated Lurking Horror id card.
02-17-1999Added Beyond Zork Map "Southland of Quendor", Moonmist letters.
02-16-1999Added Beyond Zork scans.
02-15-1999Spellbreaker cards work, started work on Beyond Zork.
02-13-1999Added Spellbreaker cards.
02-05-1999Added Hollywood Hijinx Scans (thanks to Steven for the donation).
01-15-1999Added Starcross section.
11-26-1998Added Enchanter, Ballyhoo section, Bureaucracy scans.
11-25-1998Added Leather Goddesses section.
10-23-1998More Sorcerer, Bureaucracy, Moonmist scans.
10-22-1998Added Sorcerer scans.
10-08-1998More Wishbringer scans.
10-06-1998Added Sorcerer section.
10-05-1998Added Wishbringer scans.
10-04-1998Added Spellbreaker scans.

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