Spellbreaker InvisiClues

What are InvisiClues?

Spellbreaker is an expert-level interactive story. Although it is designed to allow players who are relatively inexperienced to see many of the puzzles, even expert players might find some of them difficult to solve without help. Even the best players playing the "easiest" games sometimes get stuck or just don't know what to do next. The purpose of InvisiClues is to help you get past such bottlenecks.

The invisible hints are designed to progress from a gentle (or sometimes silly) nudge in the right direction to a full answer. The questions and section headings attempt to give away as little as possible. Usually the section heading is a relatively innocuous geographical marker, and some questions and answers for the puzzles will appear in two sections in slightly altered form. You should not assume that a question on a certain topic indicates that the topic even exists in the story. Also, the length of the responses may or may not mean anything. This booklet includes dummy questions and dummy clues to help confuse that issue.

How to use this booklet

If you are stuck at some point in Spellbreaker, find the question that most pertains to your problem. Uncap the marker and run it once over the first hint. The writing will appear in a second or two. If you are still stumped, go on to the next hint. (Remember to recap the marker when you are done to prevent it from drying out. And by the way, these books are not immortal. InvisiClues you've developed will start to fade after six months.)

Your marker contains more than enough fluid to develop the entire booklet. However, if your marker gets lost or dries out, you can order a replacement marker for a nominal fee.

Once you have finished Spellbreaker, try the things in the "For Your Amusement" section. Don't look at them before you've finished, though -- they may reveal too much about certain puzzles.

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