Infidel Folio

There's an old Egyptian fable that tells how a sacrilegious camel once dined on a high priest's pocketwatch, only to awake in the morning with a bellyful of ticks. The moral, needless to say, is that one should never bite off more than one can stomach.

Evidently, you failed to heed this wisdom -- else why would you, a small-time explorer, dare to brave the smouldering heart of the Egyptian Desert in search of a great lost pyramid? Now, too late, you suspect that your boldness has been your undoing, for at this very moment you find yourself marooned by your followers, pursued by the vultures of death, and sustained only by the faint hope that you can somehow survive to reach the pyramid -- where the skullduggery, pitfalls and cliffhanging adventures will really begin.

What indomitable inner resource is it that drives you ever onward against such desperate odds? Pride? Unflinching devotion to the cause of archaeological science? Or could it possibly be the prospect that the treasures concealed within the tomb are worth enough on the open market to keep you rolling in filthy lucre for the rest of your born days? We leave the question open, with this footnote: Your quest transcends mere fortune. Here, amid the shifting sands of eternity, dignity and self-esteem are at stake. For you are branded INFIDEL.

The Eternal Riddle of Infocom
Games -- Brought to Light!

What makes Infocom games unique? To start with, they're 100% prose -- all words, no pictures. But it's the way the prose is written that really gives our games an added dimension of involvement and challenge.

Infocom games involve you in the story more than other computer games do, because our programs don't come between you and the story. The secret is our special "sentence parser", which in plain English means that interacting with an Infocom game is just about as easy as talking.

Thanks to our parser, our games don't force you to play guessing games to find out which instructions the computer will accept. The game recognises over 600 words, including adjectives. It can respond to complex instructions, including those which have more than one object. And should you hit upon a word it doesn't understand, it will tell you which one is causing the confusion.

And there's more to Infocom games -- extraordinary plots, innovative and fascinating puzzles, remarkably realistic personalities and environments. In fact, we throw in everything but the kitchen sphinx to stimulate your imagination to the nth degree.

Quit fighting with programs written by programmers. Play an Infocom game, and start interacting with stories written by master storytellers.

INFIDEL's Just the Tip of the Pyramid. Discover These Other Great Infocom Best Sellers!

ZORK, the classic underground trilogy.
ENCHANTER, the inception of a spellbinding series in the Zorkian tradition.
DEADLINE, the first great mystery of the computer age.
The WITNESS, a hard-boiled whodunit thriller of the Thirties.
STARCROSS, our astounding science-fiction mindbender.
SUSPENDED, the cryogenic nightmare on the edge of the far future.
PLANETFALL, Infocom's nuu SF laf klasik.

Step up to Infocom. All words. No pictures. The secret reaches of your mind are beckoning. A whole new dimension is in there waiting for you.



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