Hollywood Hijinx and Bureaucracy InvisiClues

What are InvisiClues?

Interactive Fiction is partly a story for you to read and partly puzzles for you to solve. If you feel stuck on a puzzle at any point in Bureaucracy or Hollywood Hijinx, you can use this InvisiClues hint booklet. It will give you hints so you can still solve the puzzle on your own, or it will give you the whole answer. Either way, you can then continue with the story.

These hints are invisible. Usually the first hint after a question is just a nudge in the right direction, and the last one is a full answer. You can learn a little just by reading the questions, but not much. Just to keep you guessing, we put in some extra questions and hints that have nothing to do with Bureaucracy or Hollywood Hijinx. Beware!

How to use this booklet

If you feel stuck at some point in Bureaucracy or Hollywood Hijinx, find the question that sounds most helpful. Uncap the marker and run it once over the first hint. The writing will appear in a second or two. If you still feel stumped after reading the hint and thinking about it, go on to the next hint. (Remember to recap the marker when you are done, or it will dry out. And by the way,  InvisiClues that you read will begin to fade away after about six months.)

Your marker contains enough fluid to develop this entire hint booklet. (If it doesn't, it's just a bureaucratic mistake.) However, if your marker gets lost or dries out, you can buy another one for a small fee.

After you have finished playing a story, look at the section called "Have You Tried..." If you read this section before you finish, it may spoil some puzzles for you.